You sanitize your hands. Why not sanitize your equipment?

Sport balls are one of the primary fomites (objects capable of passing germs from person to person) that athletes encounter. Bacteria and germs can grow on sport balls after coming into contact with an infected individual, and can easily spread throughout a field or court to other players. The germninja™ is designed to kill germs on sport balls, and protect athletes of all ages from bacteria and viruses that cause disease. This cutting edge, patented technology sanitizes sport balls with ultraviolet light, killing off harmful microorganisms without ruining your equipment..

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Your team's defense against bacteria and germs that cause contagious disease!

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(WATERFORD, CT) August 21, 2012 – Jaypro Sports announces the launch of the germninja™, a new patented device that sanitizes sport balls using ultraviolet light. The Germ Ninja features UVC germ-killing